Maintenance vs. Oil Change

Maintenance vs. Oil Change
In our busy lives, we often think of taking our car for an oil change, sometimes we even see those corner oil change stations, yes those that offer an oil change in 15 minutes.
See, an oil change is simply removing a drain plug, letting the oil drain, replace the oil filter, put the drain plug back, add oil, and you’re done. You’ll drive your car for another 3,000 or 5,000 miles and the story repeats itself.
The question here is, do you want an oil change, or do you want your car serviced? An experienced technician knows that while doing an oil change (of course, if your car is lifted up in the air) is the perfect opportunity to inspect your car, check the tires, the suspension, to see if everything under your car looks safe. What about your brakes?
Get the point here? It’s not about a quick drain and refill, but rather to maintain a car that is safe, efficient, and to prevent major repairs.
An oil change, yes keeps your engine running, it’s a very important service as it keeps clean oil which helps prevent friction inside the engine which reduces heat, thus avoiding overheating and damaging an engine, but….
We’re not riding an engine, we’re driving a car which means there are so many more things to maintain, to check, monitor.
Keep your car maintained, keep your car safe, not only for your engine but for the sake of your family’s safety.
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